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French fries: useful advice on the most loved snack

French fries: a world to discover

All people enjoy chips, particularly French fries. There aren’t many foods or preparations that unite adults and kids, the greedy and the less greedy, like French fries do. They are also the target of various stereotypes that make those who consume them feel guilty and afraid. Therefore, discussing it is helpful in putting to rest falsehoods and debunking misleading notions, regardless of how pervasive they may be.

We will do so in this guide to chips, which will also cover cooking methods, provide advice on frying as lightly as possible, and provide an insight into the nutritional properties, varieties, sauces, and condiments.

So be ready to embark on a voyage into the world of French fries and learn more about this delicious side dish.

Can people with celiac disease eat french fries?

French fries should only be prepared in a dedicated gluten-free environment using gluten-free ingredients if you have celiac disease. Cross-contamination with gluten during the making and frying of the chips is the main issue. Here are some crucial factors to remember:

  • Due to the fact that most French fries served at fast food establishments are frequently fried in the same oil as gluten-containing dishes like chicken cutlets or tempura, they may be contaminated with gluten. As a result, the chips may be contaminated and dangerous for people with celiac disease.
  • If a celiac person wants to eat french fries, they can make them at home with new oil and fresh potatoes. To prevent gluten cross-contamination, make sure the cutting board and tools have been well cleaned.
  • There are some gluten-free options available from potato chip makers, but it’s vital to read labels carefully and check for “gluten-free” or “gluten-free” statements to ensure they are safe for celiacs.
  • Some eateries or stores that specialise in gluten-free food may sell fries that have been made in a cross-contamination-free environment and are safe for celiacs.

In conclusion, people with celiac disease can eat French fries, but it’s critical to pay attention to the source and preparation of the fries to prevent cross-contamination. Preparing them yourself or looking for products specially marked as gluten-free are the safest options.

The nutritional properties of French fries

Let’s begin with some technical information, specifically the nutritional qualities. How many calories do French fries have? is a common question we have when referring to them, and this is especially true when we are staring at a portion. Not many, or at least less than you might think, is the most appropriate response. The precise amount, of course, depends on the technique of preparation, namely the amount of oil used and the length of the rest period (which allows some grease to be eliminated).

However, an average value that roughly translates to 300–320 kcal per 100 grammes can be computed. If we take into account that an average piece is a little over a pound, we are talking about a rather low value. Just to be clear, McDonald’s “medium” french fries have 115 kcal in them.

The average amount of fat per hectogram, 17 grammes, is also lower than you might expect. This value is greatly exceeded by other foods that are regarded as healthful, including fish or Parmigiano Reggiano. For the rest, French fries alter the potato’s nutritional composition as a raw material. As a result, we find plenty of minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and iron, as well as carbs and vitamins.

How best to fry chips?

When frying chips, it’s important to keep calories and weight in check while preserving crispness and flavour.

To have a lower calorie intake, it is good to:

  • Use a light oil, such as sunflower seed or peanut oil;
  • Bring the oil to a temperature before immersing the potatoes, i.e., 180 degrees;
  • Use lots of oil. Paradoxical as it may seem, the more oil you use, the lighter the potatoes will be;
  • Put the potatoes on kitchen paper, which is a crucial step since it enables them to release extra oil.

The key to ensuring that the potatoes stay crunchy is to submerge them in cold water for at least an hour, changing the water a few times. By doing this, they will release a significant amount of the starch, which is the underlying reason why fried meals are “softer” and less palatable as a result.

Sauces and dips for chips

Many people enjoy French fries plain, without any additional spice, while others can’t resist enhancing them with sauces and dips. The most popular options are ketchup and mayonnaise, which have captured the public’s imagination when it comes to eating French fries, but there are many other options as well.

The addition of mustard, which has a strong and slightly acidic flavour, provides a more complex solution. Yoghurt sauces and tzatziki sauce, which both use cucumbers, offer a more stylish alternative.

The green sauce, which is typically created with parsley, basil, capers, and anchovies, might be enjoyed by the more refined. The crème fraiche does the same thing, enhancing the chips with nuanced aromas that are reminiscent of lemon, yoghurt, and fresh cream.

Additionally, there is no shortage of hotter condiments like Tabasco and other sauces from Texan and Mexican food. Aromatic herbs, though, can also improve French fries. Thyme and rosemary seem like the most ideal options in this situation. While rosemary contributes more potent and bitter tones, thyme adds powerful, citrusy notes.

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Is the air fryer really healthy?

The air fryer, which can cook without using fat, has become popular recently and is vying to displace traditional frying of chips and other foods.

It’s important to consider whether air fryer cooking is actually healthy. Yes, also due to the fact that it does not call for the use of oil. The device functions like an oven, so it uses the irradiation process to cook food.

The presence of fans, which properly distribute heat and ensure that the meal has a crispy layer reminiscent of that acquired by traditional frying, is the only real difference.

The differences in taste remain, relegating cooking with the air fryer to an interesting, but by no means definitive, alternative.

What is the best way to make potato chips?

Potato chips are a highly popular variation of French fries. Despite the fact that they resemble bagged chips, they shouldn’t be confused with them. Just to be clear, chips are French fries that occasionally appear in pubs and pizza parlours in the form of puff pastry.

You might believe that getting authentic potato chips, that is, getting them in a wavy and consistent shape from potatoes, is tough. However, a few safety measures are sufficient.

To get perfectly round slices, the trick is to choose potatoes that are as round as possible. These will get the infamous “leafed” appearance once submerged in oil. The remainder of the steps are the same: the potatoes must be washed, dried, and fried in a lot of hot oil before being thoroughly drained between sheets of absorbent paper.

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How do I make classic stick French fries?

Stick French fries are not exactly a variant, but rather the standard version of French fries. Just to be clear, they are matchstick chips. In the collective imagination, they are difficult to prepare, at least in their most regular form. In reality, it is sufficient to select oblong potatoes and apply a pinch of manual skill. With a little practice, the sticks will be regular and almost identical.

Using a specialised potato cutter is a practical solution. Simply place the potato into the device in this instance and operate the lever or handle. The grilled sticks will be flawless.

Other types of chips

I’ll wrap up this list of French fry variations with the most unique and uncommon ones, which can inspire you to make a novel side dish.

Spiral fries. They are probably the most difficult potatoes to make. The procedure consists of skewering each potato with a skewer and applying continuous circular cuts until you reach the stick. This results in a continuous spiral, which must be widened enough to allow uniform frying.

Vertigo fries. Another type of chip that is difficult to make and is occasionally offered by the main fast food chains Their shape is peculiar, as it resembles a small vortex. The cuts are obtained using a special tool, which uses the same principle as the potato cutter.

Homemade chips vs. frozen chips

Let’s now clear up a very prevalent misunderstanding: Are homemade chips healthier and better tasting than frozen chips? In essence, there ought to be little to no difference. Products that are frozen, however, imply a loss of nutrients, albeit a small one.

In actuality, however, the distinctions can matter a lot more for authenticity than flavour. In truth, some subpar items may contain ingredients that are legal but not fully advantageous. So, frozen potatoes are likewise acceptable, but only if they are of high quality or come from well-known brands.

The rest depends on the preparation, i.e., the quantity of oil used, the drying phase, etc.

French Fries FAQ

Are french fries bad for you?

Only when they are prepared improperly are french fries bad. The rest is made up of carbs, a certain quantity of vitamins, and salts of minerals. The quantity of fat (which is a result of the cooking technique) and a non-negligible calorie intake are the only serious flaws.

How long should french fries be cooked?

French fries typically require a quarter of an hour to cook. However, cooking times might differ based on the kind, variety, and presence or absence of peel on the potatoes.

What do you put on French fries?

There are many different sauces that can be used to season french fries, ranging from “regular” ketchup and mayonnaise to pink sauce, tzatziki sauce, yoghurt sauce, etc. However, some fragrant herbs, like rosemary and thyme, can also be used to adorn them.

How many French fries can you eat on a diet?

Given that the aim of slimming diets is to produce a calorie deficit, it obviously depends on what you eat beforehand and afterwards. You should be aware that a pound of French fries includes about 300–320 calories.

How many times a month can you eat french fries?

It is dependent on the objectives of the diet you are on. However, experts concur that you shouldn’t consume it more frequently than three or four times a month (if you do not have specific illnesses).

What are the healthiest chips?

The air fryer produces the healthiest chips since it uses very little fat and, as a result, reduces calorie and fat intake.

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