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The greatest substitute flours, or those that don’t contain white flour, are highlighted in this area. Additionally, because many of the flours of this sort do not adhere to the traditional canons, all (or almost all) of them are capable of getting around the two biggest drawbacks of white flour. The presence of gluten is the first restriction. It is true that those who do not have issues with gluten absorption are unaffected by its presence. But since the number of celiacs and intolerance sufferers is always rising, it’s important to know which ones can be used in place of the white one. I recommend that you always read the labels.

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A collection of the tastiest recipes from around the globe

In order to share and honour our own cuisine, the category Recipes from the World tries to enhance the excellent things that come from elsewhere. This is not a concept for those with open minds; rather, it is an effort to promote intellectual honesty by showing that Italian cuisine is not the only one deserving of the designation. So, below, I offer recipes that come from a variety of nations, faithful to their original forms but, if required, modified to make them healthier. I suggest that you think of this portion as a perfect journey that takes you beyond Italy’s borders and to places like Japan, China, the Americas, northern Europe, etc., a risk-free way to sample novel tastes and risky combinations. The category also includes recipes for festive occasions. The anniversary allusion is almost required. First of all, since anniversaries provide a justification for binge eating and joyful table celebrations, secondly, because some of the current anniversaries have a foreign origin (see Halloween), knowing the culinary traditions means, in a certain sense, delving into the origins of the holidays.

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