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Cooking for Easter and Easter Monday, two occasions for conviviality

Full Easter Sunday and Easter Monday recipes for people with food allergies.

This category has many delectable recipes for Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, two holidays that are very important to Italians. Everyone views Easter Sunday and Easter Monday as two crucial times of the year, whether for religious or ritualistic reasons, for the chance to spend time with friends, or for both. However, if you go by the sheer number of sayings and proverbs relating to these two festivities, popular culture as a whole proves this. Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are times for conviviality based on culinary creativity and sitting at the table (or in a lovely meadow in picnic mode), just like all other holidays. In this regard, traditional local restaurants come to the rescue, offering a great variety of dishes that are difficult to find elsewhere. Not to mention the tendency towards experimentation, which can be seen at Easter Sunday and Easter Monday more than at Christmas, a holiday that requires greater respect for tradition. This category therefore reflects a double alternative. In truth, it does include some traditional foods like colomba and roast lamb. On the other side, it encourages experimentation, which occasionally even proves to be audacious. In any event, the recipes capture the Easter spirit and adapt popular culinary trends and ingredients rather than “inventing from scratch.”

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