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Bases: fundamental preparations

The principal cooking ingredients for those with food intolerances

This section is devoted to the fundamentals, or all those preparations that serve as a reoccurring component and serve as the foundation for the majority of recipes. Understanding the fundamentals is crucial for both learning how to cook and getting the most out of both recipes and specific ingredients. Certain fundamentals are generally known and are among the first things to learn. Let’s focus on shortcrust pastry, which makes up the majority of Italian pastries. We also consider shortcrust and puff pastries, which can be used to create both savoury and, in some cases, sweet dishes. Some bases are simple to make since they only need readily available ingredients and basic manual dexterity. However, some are more challenging and might not succeed as they ought to. This part was written to not only provide you with a basic understanding of the preparation of the bases but also to enable you to fully master this type of preparation and establish the groundwork for a rewarding experience in the kitchen. Nonetheless, the section explores the theme of bases, proposing very interesting variations according to the needs of food intolerants but also those looking for more exotic and different scents.

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