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Cream sauces, sauces, and condiments

Creams, sauces, gravies, and condiments for all tastes and food intolerances

This section is devoted to all the recipes for cream sauces, gravies, and condiments that are meant to season and flavour food. When it comes to improving a dish, whether it be a first course, second course, side dish, or appetiser, you are spoiled for options. Numerous conceivable pairings frequently inspire the most irrational inventiveness. The key is to strike a balance and consider how the various components will work together in advance. The distinctions between the various gastronomies are largely played out, among other things, in the creams, sauces, and sauces, to the point where a cuisine is frequently associated with a condiment. Tomato sauce and tomato puree are two examples of foods that everyone associates with Italian food. Yes, there is a chance of becoming a little perplexed. Although creams, sauces, and gravies are commonly used interchangeably, they actually refer to various preparations. A gravy is a form of sauce that includes meat or vegetables; a sauce is a substance that is used to season food. On the other hand, cream is a sauce type with a velvety texture that frequently includes a component of dairy origin (for instance, cream). Below, you will find many recipes for creams, sauces, and gravies. Some recipes refer to the Italian tradition; others refer to foreign cuisines. Still others are the result of creativity and a strong knowledge of the ingredients.

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