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The importance of giving space to food intolerances

In this section you will find articles, reports and services that talk about my activities, the Nonnapaperina project and the The World of Intolleranze. In recent years I have appreciated the attention that information operators have paid to the topic of food intolerances. A topic that involves a very large number of people, more than you can imagine.

Precisely for this reason I wanted to dedicate space to this topic, as only with information and dissemination is it possible to provide concrete help to those who find themselves having to face this condition. The collective imagination and common sense, moreover, do not suggest the tools necessary to live adequately with intolerance, therefore opportunities for dissemination are welcome.

My commitment to dissemination

I have always tried to share my experience with as many people as possible, aiming for clarity and lightness, while still maintaining absolute compliance with the dietary needs of those suffering from intolerances, selecting foods in the best possible way.

I found it natural, and still do, to speak also and above all through ricette. I believe it is the best way to make people understand how to manage the problem, suggesting concrete solutions for everyone. I have declined this approach on all the occasions in which I have been called to give my contribution, regardless of my site and the spaces that have been granted to me.

The messages I want to send

Between the lines of my contributions to newspapers and magazines, online and in print, you can see my commitment to this cause. I believe my messages are useful, primarily to those who suffer from food intolerances, but also to those who deal more or less directly with intolerances (for example family and friends).

Living together is easy, if you know how to do it. Who receives a diagnosis of celiachia, like any other type of intolerance, is often struck by a sense of bewilderment. He foresees a long period of difficulty and fears having to give up the pleasure of good food forever. In reality, living peacefully with intolerance is possible. It’s even easy, if you know how to do it, in fact it can even be fun, if you look at cooking as an opportunity for enrichment.

The management of food intolerances is combined with respect for tradition. This is an aspect that is often overlooked, but deserves attention. Giving up certain foods can lead to thinking that even our traditional dishes are precluded. In reality, a few precautions are enough to make them compatible with the needs of celiacs, those intolerant to lactose or those who suffer from sensitivity to nickel. You simply need to know how.

The management of food intolerances gives rise to experimentation and creativity. If tradition is “spared” by food intolerances, so is creativity. Indeed, the need to find solutions compatible with the dietary needs of intolerant people creates an opportunity to experiment, as well as to exercise creativity and imagination. More than an effort, this necessity turns out to be an opportunity for fun.

It’s important to network. Some knowledge is not meant to be kept secret. This is true for many areas, but it is even more so when people’s health and serenity are at stake. I care a lot about this point, that is, sharing is an imperative for me, as well as a pleasure. Therefore, I invite everyone to share their experience and suggest tasty recipes, just like I’m doing. In this way we will add an important piece to the mosaic of our and others’ serenity.

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