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Pasta, rice, and vegetable salads

Salads: side dish and/or second course

Pasta, rice, and vegetable salads. Often, when we think of a salad, we think of a light and tasteless side dish. Still, very tasty side dishes can be created with vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese, legumes, and cereals. The secret is to find the right balance between the ingredients and the sauce. Salads can be made in a variety of ways, making them a must-have side dish! Amaranth salad with legumes and vegetables, mixed salad with avocado and quail eggs, or prawns in fruit and parmesan salad are just a few of the many dishes available on the platform. In this way, you will have the opportunity to get to know new ingredients and original combinations to be re-proposed in the first and second courses. A way to prepare alternative dishes and perhaps amaze your guests with balanced and healthy recipes.

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Camembert and apple salad, a sweet and savoury dish

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