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Colombo Tiziana: per voi, NonnaPaperina

Colombo Tiziana

This is me GrandmaDaddy! Mother of three splendid children, Roberta, Stefano and Paolo, and proud grandmother of five grandchildren, with three passions: my PC, travel and my cooking. Many of you know me as Grandma Daisy. It’s me, Colombo Tiziana, founder and president of the Il Mondo delle Intolerance APS Association.

It all started from a diagnosis of nickel, gluten and lactose intolerance… and from an immense passion for cooking. Those who suffer from food intolerance have experienced it firsthand: the world collapses around you, suddenly your favorite dishes, generally harmless foods, are transformed into a minefield.

This is how I started looking for appetizing recipes, attractive images from which empathy could shine through towards people with the same difficulties as me; ideas to propose dishes that everyone could share without even realizing that they were nickel and lactose free. Above all, I looked for news, for example on the products I had to start eating (with names that were absurd to me, such as quinoa, amaranth…), answers, advice, jumping like a bouncing ball from one site to another.

The beginning of this adventure

The Food Intolerance Portal project was born from a small cooking blog that I created in 2004: a sort of diary that I used to share my passion for cooking. A passion put to the test by the diagnosis of intolerance to nichel first and then discovering that I am sensitive to gluten and it’s better if I eat lactose free then: I felt completely lost and I also lost the desire to eat and cook. With the support, love and patience of my sister Maria Grazia, I returned to the kitchen little by little and began to create appetizing recipes that reconciled my needs with those of my family. I found many other “nickels” like me and, precisely from the exchange of different experiences, similar difficulties emerged, not least that of conveying what the obstacles are and how to ask for help from those around you.

It took me a long time to understand what I needed to know and how to explain it, even to my family. It’s all thanks to my sister Maria Grazia: she wasn’t an artist in the kitchen, but she was committed to preparing inviting and tasty dishes just to make me understand that the world hadn’t ended with my intolerance. It wasn’t easy. I often thought I couldn’t do it, I started not publishing recipes anymore and only eating white rice and grilled steaks with salad.

It took me some time but I understood many things

Nonna Paperina

Only with time, thanks to the path of knowledge undertaken, did I feel able to face every challenge again, with more strength and more awareness. Today I can finally eat healthily, feeling good about myself and others, and this is important. I understood that every dramatic moment in life represents an opportunity to get involved, to become aware of the strong points of one’s character.

For several months they have diagnosed me that I am no longer only intolerant but also allergic to nickel and the therapy is based on a low nickel content diet and there is no way to completely eliminate this metal from the body.

SNAS is a storage allergy, meaning the reaction is triggered by a rather high concentration of the element absorbed by the body. This means that in some people a minimal amount of nickel is enough to trigger symptoms, while others have a higher tolerance.

I resorted to a hyposensitizing treatment to be taken orally without great results and I had to suspend the vaccine. My professor. he recommended me a chelante therapy which instead has given excellent results and now I can keep the ailments at bay by suspending the use of cortisone and anti-inflammatories.

The association Il Mondo delle Intolerance APS

In 2012 I founded the Association Il Mondo delle Intolleranze APS, of which I am today President. We have become an important reality and a point of reference for many people who write to us every day.

The World of Intolerances is an association founded in 2012 and finds its web expression in this site which today, with great happiness, we can say has become a point of reference for all those who want to keep updated on healthy nutrition, nutrition, food intolerances and related pathologies.

We have suffered from the discomfort of food intolerances for many years but we wanted to react to the inevitable deprivations and ailments that result by approaching cooking with creativity and awareness, inventing tasty recipes even for intolerants.

We believed in it so much that we continued by creating an external medical coordination group and a working group.

Above all, we want to make our wealth of experience available to all those who need it. We have been there, and we know how to deal with the difficulties of those who, from one day to the next, are forced to change their eating habits or those who cannot find a solution due to a lack of knowledge.

The purpose of our association is not commercial. It is a collection of news and advice that helps people who have intolerance problems not to sink into the abyss of depression. You can go back to eating with gusto!

My motto is: Don’t worry be happy

You either love the kitchen or hate it and when you love it there is nothing and nothing that can make you give it up. In everything I do, in all my free moments, I always find a reason and an opportunity to think about a dish, an ingredient, a recipe.

We don’t invent anything new, there is little to invent in the world of food anymore. We try to take inspiration from the recipes that we like and cook them. They don’t always come on the first try so let’s try again let’s try again let’s try again and where I can’t get there on my own my chef, pastry chef or baker friends will take care of it.

And the most beautiful moment is when I share what I have created with others, always adding that magical ingredient which is love. I anxiously await their judgement, their words, with the fear of having failed, of not being able to meet their expectations.

Yes, because you never cook a dish for yourself, but to be able to share it with others, to be able to give a little of your love to those who respect you. My idea is that those who eat the dishes I prepare can have an absolute perception of the passion with which I prepare my recipes and with which they are served.

And now let’s talk about my books

I have written three books, the result of my commitment dedicated to intolleranze food. A commitment that has resulted in three easy-to-read texts, fundamental for anyone suffering from intolerances, but also useful for those who don’t have to live with this disorder every day.

I am very fond of my three volumes as they are the culmination of my learning journey, of a journey of reflection that has allowed me to enjoy good food regardless of intolerances. Inside each book you will find many recipes written by those who have fought and fight every day against intolerances, overcoming their limits and preparing something good and accessible to everyone. Eating well, for me, is like checkmating intolerances. I am sure that this feeling can be shared by those who suffer from this type of disorder.

The first, however, deals with nickel intolerance and has a similar title: “Nickel intolerance? Let’s cook it!“. The second talks about lactose intolerance whose title is “Lactose intolerance? We’ll cook it!”. The third book is dedicated to naturally gluten-free recipes and has a title that contains my thoughts “Intolerance screw you”

The intent of both texts is to provide those suffering from intolerances with a solution to their ailments. A non-medical solution, but a culinary one. In fact, all the books contain dozens and dozens of recipes, all delicious and made with products that do not contain the offending substances.

Intolerance fuck you. It is a very particular cookbook, not just because of the name. In its pages I will tell you about my journey, which began with partial discouragement due to my intolerances, but which ended with the acquisition of a new way of experiencing food.

By reading this book you will have an idea of ​​the change of perspective with which I approached food, and which today makes me see intolerances with an edge and with the drive to always try something new. In the book you will find, in fact, recipes and particular foods that are suitable for all those who suffer from food intolerances. Obviously you will also find many recipes (forty-six) to indulge you with unique and truly tasty dishes!

To get to where I am and be a point of reference for many people, I didn’t do everything alone. You can’t get anywhere alone. I often say that results are achieved with a good team that works. My team has built itself over time.

Managing a team is not a game, it is a serious commitment that involves many skills and I believe that the fundamental characteristic is the mental flexibility that allows you to free yourself from prejudices. You must be able to grasp the different potentials of your collaborators, making the most of them. Each collaborator has specific skills and characteristics that make him unique.

In common we all have the same values ​​and the same philosophy. I’m really happy I succeeded!