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Editorial team and collaborators

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This is our editorial board and associates: On this page, we give a face and a name to everyone who works passionately at What unites us is a strong commitment and constant dedication to a multidisciplinary project that embraces multiple professional figures. Our editorial team is made up of renowned chefs in the sector, doctors, SEO consultants, programmers, professional photographers, graphic designers, and a woman with strong managerial and entrepreneurial skills, Tiziana Colombo, who has made this project an increasingly solid and established reality.  The main concept is to provide tasty, easily prepared alternative foods to people who suffer from various types of food intolerances in an effort to give them a helping hand. Passion is the main engine that drives our team, in addition to the professionalism that everyone brings to their sector. We aim to become a point of reference, thanks to the support of the APS World Intolerance Association and professional figures with consolidated experience in the sector.

Tiziana Colombo

Colombo Tiziana

A woman with strong managerial and entrepreneurial skills who is always looking for the most suitable solutions and professional improvement. She is the founder and president of the The Worls of Intolerance (Il Mondo delle Intolleranze) Association, made up of a team of chefs, doctors, and professional figures who make the association an important reality in the Italian panorama. The Association is a point of reference for all those who suffer from celiac disease or food intolerances of any kind: nickel intolerance, gluten intolerance, and lactose intolerance.

She started in 2004 and is a food blogger. It all stems from her food intolerance problems and the support, love, and patience of her sister, Maria Grazia.’s primary goal is to compile the greatest recipes for those with dietary intolerances and make them available to everyone. In order to accomplish this, it employs the top chefs in the industry and updates frequently, driven by a deep enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to this field.

She also organises training courses, conferences, and webinars dedicated to specific intolerances and related disorders. The cooking courses, held by renowned chefs in the sector such as Danilo Angè and Marco Scaglione, are also very popular. The cooking courses deal with various types of approaches to making unique and tasty dishes dedicated not only to the intolerant but also to those who want to enjoy an alternative and truly unique cuisine.


Jessica Forzoni

jessica forzoni

She works passionately and devotedly to the project and all of its related endeavours. She travels extensively and loves discovering different customs and cultures around the globe. She spent a year in Sydney, Australia, where she gained more culinary expertise from notable experts in the field.

Cooking has always been one of her great passions, which has allowed her to experiment with dishes and recipes for those suffering from food and non-food intolerances. She was a flight attendant before joining the team, sharing their wonderful idea.

This group gave her the opportunity to increase her training in the kitchen, thanks to the help of highly professional figures and renowned chefs who operate in this sector. Finally, she takes care of the secretariat of The World of Intolerance (Il Mondo delle Intoleranc) APS, an association that helps those suffering from celiac disease or disorders linked to any type of food intolerance: nickel, gluten, and lactose.


Danilo Angè

Danilo Ange

He was born in Milan in 1966, attended the I.P.A.S. “Amerigo Vespucci” in Milan, where he started his career, and worked in a number of hotels and restaurants. He has always collaborated with catering organisations, industry magazines, cooking schools, hotels, and other establishments to pursue a number of interests in addition to his employment activities.

His experience leading a team of Italian chefs on a trip to Chile to conduct cooking demonstrations led to the development of his international consulting business. He oversaw the construction of a gala dinner for the Italian Embassy in Armenia, the launch of a cruise ship for the Tallink shipping firm in Estonia and Finland, and the opening of an Italian restaurant in Moscow.

He writes for restaurant sector magazines and alternates the organisation of events and themed evenings with teaching, often taking part in television programmes. The rewards are immense and more than compensate for the dedication and ongoing hardships this line of work demands.


Marco Scaglione

marco scaglione

He was born in Sicily and developed a love for cooking at a young age. He went to the Montecatini Terme Hotel School. After completing his education, he started working in French kitchens right away. Later, he returned to Italy and started a gluten-free culinary initiative for Saharawi children with the Italian Celiac Association (AIC).

His cooking reflects his passion for delicious cuisine as well as the warmth and tastes of the regions he calls home, travelling from Sicily to Tuscany via France. As regards the cuisine dedicated to intolerances, he prefers “naturally without,” which is not synonymous with tastelessness. In addition to being the author of multiple articles on the topic of cooking and intolerances, he was a two-time winner of the AIC gluten-free haute cuisine trophy. In addition to working with industry publications, he is a consultant and instructor for private clients, hospitality establishments, and cooking schools.

Since 2007, he has continuously taught gluten-free cooking courses certified with certification and conventional cooking courses in collaboration with USL10, USL11, USL2, and USL4, organised by some training bodies, such as CO&SO, Agenzia Heimat, Agenzia Pegaso, Confcommercio of Arezzo, Fil of Prato, Cescot of Prato, Confartigianato Prato, Confcommercio Lucca, AIM ECM s.r.l., and Savini Tartufi. Furthermore, she takes care of the theoretical-practical training of students and teachers of hotel catering institutes (kitchen, pastry shop, and dining room).


Marco Mayer

Marco Mayer

A professional photographer, he has been dealing with still life and fashion for 30 years. These days, he works nearly solely on food photography, having spent four years doing photo shoots for the magazines “Le Diritti Perdipeso” and “Curarsi Mangiando”.

Additionally, he contributed to the most recent “Biraghi” firm advertising campaign, which ran in 20 trade magazines.

With over 23,000 photos in his portfolio, he sells his photos to microstock companies all over the world.



Alessandro Scorrano

alessandro scorrano

He works as an SEO analyst and programmer, with a focus on content marketing. Since 2008, he has operated his own Web Agency that specialises in front-end and back-end website programming and implementation for dynamic websites. He handles a website’s organic positioning and SEO analysis, enhancing both its on- and off-site aspects. He makes use of specialised platforms and exclusive algorithms for this. In addition, he uses tailored SEO tactics in link-building activities related to the intended demographic. Great attention is also paid to content marketing, which involves the drafting and revision of valuable content.

Working with several significant national firms has given him knowledge of site management programming and SEO consulting. Associazione Mondo delle Intolerance, Nonnapaperina, a portal for food intolerances, Sos Tariffe Srl., Koronit Snc, Swi Srl, Ediscom S.p.a., Onlywood S.r.l., Mediazione Creditizia S.p.a., Studio Architettura, Sos Tariffe Srl., Koronit Snc, Swi Srl, Sos Tariffe Srl.

He has combined the expertise of the most widely used content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop) and proprietary platform implementations (Spartacus) with a control panel and user interface for two themed portals: one for gardening and the other for DIY projects. It is updated frequently with new content on search engine marketing, social media marketing, website optimisation, web analytics, and neuro-web design. Try new things and create creative content marketing and SEO methods.


Matteo Alberto Modena

Matteo Alberto Modena

He is a freelance graphic designer capable of creating and planning works with a high visual impact, respecting accessibility and a user experience always in line with the user’s needs. He creates coordinated publications and graphics for many industries, always considering the power of visual communication.

Using the methods best suited for each project, such as engraving, screen printing, lithographic printing, etc., he individually does pre-press consulting for every reproduction and printing system. His work is distinguished by his vast knowledge and unwavering enthusiasm for a field that is always changing.


Giovanni Sacheli

giovanni sacheli

After completing his studies in Business Economics under the former Luigi Bocconi University of Milan system, Giovanni is now a well-known and enthusiastic SEO and PPC consultant. His passion for the internet and technology inspired him to pursue further education in web marketing, with a special emphasis on Google positioning strategies and Social & Search Advertising approaches. He launched the EVE Milano blog in December 2009, where he explores the technical facets of optimising websites for search engines and PPC campaigns using Google Ads.

He joined Searcus Swiss Sagl, a search marketing company with locations in Switzerland and Denmark, as a partner in 2015, and he has been the company’s only owner since 2020.

Giovanni contributed to the 2019 publication of “Advanced SEO Audit,” a professional handbook. In the agency, he is responsible for SEO projects for small, medium, and large companies that wish to improve their online visibility.

Flavio Carboni

Flavio Carboni

He holds a marketing bachelor’s degree. He has been handling development, graphics, programming, and SEO in his Web Agency since 2001, giving even the most imaginative concepts substance and form. Driven by his curiosity and passion, Flavio started building expert websites back when the internet was still “something for a few.”

He progressed from his initial Flash 4 ideas to the design and development of the widest range of websites. His primary goal is to provide a product that is the outcome of cutting-edge web technology while never losing sight of the essential elements for success on the internet: colours, forms, lines, navigability, user experience, information availability, and passion. The hand of a skilled web designer creating a website is guided by these and many other ideas.

He handles the implementation of high-performance and high-impact websites with his team of internal and external collaborators, addressing both web marketing agencies and directly to the end customer.