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First courses, soups, pureed soups

First courses: a world to discover

The foundation of Italian cuisine, the initial courses, is the topic of discussion today. Local customs have spread around the world as a result of first courses, making our method of eating one of the tastiest and healthiest in the world. Beyond these factors, it is evident that the realm of first dishes is one that is heterogeneously complicated; in fact, there are many other sorts of first courses that go much beyond “simple” pasta. The genre also includes silky soups, stews, and soups. These three phrases frequently cause confusion since they are regarded as synonyms. It is beneficial to clarify a few aspects because, in practise, they identify recipes that are also very dissimilar from one another. For example, soup and stew have some differences in ingredients.

The first contains mainly vegetables and occasionally meat and fish. In addition, the soup also contains foods of cereal or pseudo-cereal origin. Although one soup contains on average more liquid than the other, both are liquid. However, the term “minestrone” refers to a style of preparation that is actually more closely associated with the soup than the soup itself. In fact, minestrone is simply a very complete soup of vegetables and greens. Furthermore, it generally does not contain foods derived from cereals.

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