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Breakfasts for all tastes

Recipes for sweet and savory breakfasts, healthy and nutritious for intolerant people

I’ve devoted the entire part I’m giving you to breakfast. To enrich and enhance the first meal of the day and make it a time full of flavour and health, find dishes of many kinds. The recipes clearly connect to Italian food and custom, but they also provide a glimpse into other cultures, which, in this regard, have nothing to envy us when it comes to how we see breakfast. Perhaps a well-rounded breakfast? First of all, while being the first meal of the day, it is also, or at least ought to be, the most crucial. If we believe that, at least in Italy, there is a propensity to give it less weight than it deserves, clarification is necessary. Regardless of what they eat, many people skip breakfast or only consume a small portion of it. Breakfast is important since it is the meal that “breaks” the overnight fast and, in theory, should give you enough energy to go through the majority of the day. Thus, a number of recent studies have supported the significance of breakfast for health and fitness. According to a 1992 study by Dr. Schlundt, people who eat a “good” breakfast have a greater probability of losing weight for the same amount of calories consumed.

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