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Preserves, jams, and compotes

Homemade preserves, jams, marmalades, and compotes.

The best of popular cuisine is evoked by preserves, jams, marmalades, and compotes, which have contributed to Italian gastronomy’s history. They deserve their own area, where the most classic recipes are presented along with the most creative and intriguing ones from the standpoint of societal enrichment. You’ll find a very comprehensive selection of dishes below that cover practically all food groups, from fresh fruit to dried fruit, from greens to veggies, including oily seafood, and are sure to please any palate. In a mixing process that hints at creativity and imagination, recipes are generated that can be used to enhance other recipes. Before starting with a substantial, in-depth analysis, it is good to clarify some things, namely, to define what is meant by preserves, jam, marmalade, and compote. In some cases, the terms are considered synonyms.

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Fagiolini sott’olio

Green beans in oil, a simple but very useful preserve

How to use green beans in oil When eaten on their own, green beans in oil make a delicious and...