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Hello! I’m Tiziana Colombo, alias Nonna Paperina, and I’m always up for new meetings and partnerships with organisations, businesses, and individuals to collaborate on nutrition-related projects—particularly those involving food intolerances. Here, I have collected all the useful information for better understanding.

My mission is to provide clarity on the issue of food intolerances and assist individuals who are afflicted so as to see eating as a pleasure rather than a time for sacrifice. For this reason, I post information, tips, and recipes on the website and other media platforms for people who, like me, have dietary intolerances to lactose, nickel, and gluten.


Some possible collaborations are:

  • Participation and organisation of events, press trips, blog tours, fairs, and seminars to promote initiatives related to recent culinary trends, the new faces of Italian and international cuisine, and the complex world of food intolerances.
  • Overseeing business and leisure team-building events that combine entertainment and animation to provide all businesses with creative, strategic, and logistical support. With the help of a group of experts, we are able to examine customised and focused solutions that address format and site selection.
  • Facebook Page Management and Social Networks: in collaboration with a proven team, you will no longer have to worry about anything; your fan page will be monitored daily and managed in every aspect. Profile management: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, with the creation of new content.
  • Reviews of products and material sent by companies as sponsors as technical support during events, fairs, cooking shows, and television broadcasts.
  • The study, preparation, and photography of recipes created specifically for customers and their inclusion on the site while also sharing them on social media.
  • Drafting ad hoc advertorials.

I’m always up for trying out new things to work with you on. Please don’t hesitate to send me your proposals; I will be here and ready to listen!

Media Kit

Nonnapaperina.It is a website that provides information on the world of food intolerances, including a wealth of recipes that are suggested for people with these conditions and comprehensive, general articles about nutrition. Collaborations, sponsorships, and event participation are all welcome on this website.

If you want to know more, request the Nonna Paperina Media Kit, where you can find:

  • About Me: a brief introduction to understand who I am, what my interests are, and what the mission of the project is.
  • Statistics: website statistics, visitors, and numbers.
  • Social media: the figures of the main social networks on which NonnaPaperina is present: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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