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Drinks: waters, smoothies, cocktails

Drinks for everyone and a world to explore dedicated to food intolerances

Drinks are the sole focus of this section. There are several recipes for flavoured liqueurs, herbal teas, infusions, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, smoothies, juices, and waters. In a nutshell, everything. And everything is made to complement fruits and vegetables, giving them fresh flavour through combinations that are occasionally traditional and other times innovative. You can see it for yourself: alongside certain traditional dishes that are a staple of the healthiest diets, new daring dishes that emphasise flavour, nutrition, and colour start to emerge. It is a section that is intended for everyone, including those without food intolerances and those who do. Of course, certain preparations are difficult on their own. For instance, some smoothies include milk, and milk has lactose in it. What must I do in these circumstances? Don’t worry; simply swap lactose-free milk for regular milk. Because the procedure for removing the lactose is entirely natural, lactose-free milk is good and genuine. By adding the lactase enzyme to milk, lactose is broken down into the more easily absorbed galactose and glucose

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Strawberry Tree Herbal Tea, a Healthy Drink

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