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Recipes from all over the world for you

A collection of the tastiest recipes from around the globe

In order to share and honour our native food, the category “Recipes from the World” tries to improve the excellent things that come from elsewhere. This is not a concept for those with open minds; rather, it is an effort to promote intellectual honesty by showing that Italian cuisine is not the only one deserving of the designation. So, below, I offer recipes that come from a variety of nations, faithful to their original forms but, if required, modified to make them healthier. I suggest that you think of this portion as a perfect journey that takes you beyond Italy’s borders and to places like Japan, China, the Americas, northern Europe, etc., a risk-free way to experience innovative flavours and daring combinations. Additionally, the category includes recipes for special occasions. The anniversary reference is nearly obligatory. The first reason is that anniversaries provide an excuse to eat a lot and cheerfully rejoice at the table. The second reason is because some of the present anniversaries have a foreign origin (such as Halloween). Additionally, understanding the culinary customs implies looking deeper into the history of the celebrations.

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Vanillekipferl, traditional German tea biscuits

How did vanillekipferl biscuits come to be? Part of the history of vanillekipferl is unclear. On...

Riso fritto con gamberi

Fried rice with shrimp and basil, a delicious recipe

Which rice should be used? Fried rice with shrimp and basil, like many comparable recipes, depends...

pollo Yassa

Chicken Yassa, a spicy and tasty Senegalese dish

Discovering Yassa chicken Yassa is a Senegalese dish made with chicken and rice, a complete dish...

Wagyu tartare, ginger oil, and oyster sauce

Seeing is believing; this Wagyu tartare is truly exceptional I often find myself looking for fresh...