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Everything about gluten, yeast, lactose and nickel intolerances

Cooking tips and recipes for food intolerances

Food intolerances: Don’t let them control your life.

Welcome to “Nonnapaperina”, the site dedicated to cooking recipes for people intolerant to gluten, lactose and nickel. Our recipes were designed, for the most part, by Nonna Paperina, better known as Tiziana Colombo, and are the result of the passion and expertise that we have gained over the years. We are proud to be able to offer tasty and healthy dishes to anyone who suffers from food intolerances.

Furthermore, we are happy to collaborate with the World of Intolerance Academy in Basiano (MI), which offers cooking courses relating to both food intolerances and basic cooking techniques. Thanks to our partnership with the Academy, we are able to offer an even more complete service to our users, guaranteeing maximum professionalism and competence in the field of gluten-, lactose- and nickel-free cooking.

Discover our recipes, learn to cook in a healthy and tasty way, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our service and the courses of the World of Intolerance Academy.

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Recipes from all over the world for you


Discover our healthiest and most genuine recipes, i.e. those prepared with seasonal ingredients that nature spontaneously gives us. Following the life cycle of our planet is certainly an excellent way to enjoy all the pleasure of good food while respecting nature and eco-sustainability more. Discover our recipes with strictly fresh seasonal ingredients!


To be successful in the kitchen and, subsequently, also at the table with guests and family, you need to learn the basics, techniques and foods. Precisely for this reason, I thought of creating a cooking school to create gluten-free recipes, lactose-free recipes and recipes with low nickel content.

Tiziana Colombo


Author, Content Creator e Food Specialist

Every day for you new publications of recipes and news from the world of food intolerances, good cooking and healthy eating .

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