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Strawberry Tree Herbal Tea, a Healthy Drink

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Strawberry tree herbal tea, an alternative to chamomile

Today we are preparing strawberry tree herbal tea, a nice, tasty, and relaxing drink. Just what you need to treat yourself to a relaxing experience, perhaps to be enjoyed at the end of the day after a long work session or after having fulfilled the commitments of daily life. Like all herbal teas, it is very simple to make and relies on a handful of ingredients: strawberry tree leaves, water, and sweetener.

Strawberry tree herbal tea is certainly not among the most drunk herbal teas, even though there is nothing to envy about the more famous teas like chamomile. The reason for this lies in the peculiarity of the strawberry tree, which gives a good taste experience and also has an aesthetic impact, giving the drink a golden colour.

Given that there is some misunderstanding regarding these terminologies, it is important to clarify the distinctions between herbal tea, infusion, and decoction in this context. In fact, herbal infusion and herbal tea are interchangeable. Whatever the case, they are beverages in which the flavouring ingredient is mixed into hot water without the need to heat it on fire.

The decoction, however, involves the actual boiling of the water together with the flavouring agent. The flavour of the decoction is therefore stronger, also because it is used for tougher and more intense aromatic foods. By virtue of this, the decoction is not considered a pleasure drink but rather a sort of therapeutic food, or natural medicine.

Recipe strawberry tree herbal tea

Preparation strawberry tree herbal tea

Follow these steps to make strawberry tree herbal tea.

  • Wash the strawberry tree leaves carefully.
  • Boil the water in the interim.
  • After that, give the strawberry tree leaves around fifteen minutes to steep in the boiling water.
  • Finally, filter the herbal tea and drink it hot.

Ingredients strawberry tree herbal tea

  • 6 gr. of strawberry tree leaves
  • 250 ml. of water
  • 1 teaspoon honey

What is there to know about the strawberry tree?

The strawberry tree leaves are undoubtedly the main characters in this herbal tea. Particularly when underripe, the strawberry tree’s fruit has an extremely strong, acidic flavour. Because of this, it is rarely eaten raw and is instead used to make liqueurs, vinegars, jams, jellies, etc.

The leaves of the strawberry tree, however, are similar to those of the laurel, both in shape and taste. The colour, however, is less bright and almost tends towards yellow. The leaves are not consumed raw but are included in decoctions and infusions, as in this case.

The leaves of the strawberry tree, if consumed in moderation and in the most suitable ways, are also good for your health. They are considered astringent and therefore perfect for those suffering from digestive problems; furthermore, they are also diuretic and useful in cases of water retention. Finally, they contain some antioxidants that are transmitted during the infusion process.

How to sweeten herbal tea

Like all herbal teas, strawberry tree herbal tea needs to be sweetened. There are several substitutes available, ranging from regular sugar to artificial sweeteners and even honey. Because sugar is naturally neutral, it ensures the proper sweetness without affecting the flavour. Even though the artificial sweetener isn’t the healthiest option, it’s still considered dietary because it doesn’t have many calories.

But the real ingredient here is honey, so that’s what I recommend. Honey, with its distinct smell and perfume, simultaneously sweetens and flavours. Moreover, unlike sugar, it does not cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. a crucial piece of information, particularly for individuals with diabetes.

Honey is also good for your health as it helps relieve coughs and colds, as well as being rich in vitamins, mineral salts, and antioxidants. Antioxidants help make the appearance of cancer less likely and slow down cellular ageing.

Tisana di corbezzolo

Which type of honey to choose?

Once we have chosen honey as a sweetener, we still have to choose the type since there are many varieties of honey. The classic wildflower honey is very popular, but use it only if you want the honey flavour to be noticeable enough. If, however, you want the honey to be subtle, then use acacia honey, which is also the most used honey in pastry making.

Finally, you can opt for more aromatic alternatives, such as exotic ulmo honey (produced mainly in Central and South America) and eucalyptus honey. The latter gives a marked freshness but is less sweet than other types of honey.

Alternatives to strawberry tree herbal tea

One of the many herbal teas that can be made to ensure a moment full of flavour and relaxation is strawberry tree herbal tea. There are, in fact, a lot of options available, such as the traditional chamomile herbal tea. The sweet and delicate flavour of this herbal tea helps induce relaxation and sleep because of its health benefits.

Another option is a soothing herbal tea with a very distinct scent. The tea we are talking about is the mountain pine herbal tea, which calls for an extended infusion period. “Therapeutic” herbal teas are also highly popular; they are drunk primarily for their health-promoting properties.

This category includes verbena herbal teas and lemon balm herbal teas, which are prepared with the same procedure: water is boiled, the main ingredient is left to infuse, and everything is filtered.

5/5 (1 Review)
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