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Orange, a precious and healthy fruit

Oranges are undoubtedly one of the most consumed fruits and one of the most appreciated fruits overall. Their global production, spanning from Europe to Africa and the Americas to Asia, is no accident. This has resulted in the development of numerous kinds, among other things, as we will see in greater detail in the following paragraph. Here we briefly discuss the fruit as well as the plant.

The magnificent orange tree has a maximum height of 12 metres. Its stem is massive and very resistant, and its leaves are meaty. It usually produces fruit for a number of the year’s months. Although several kinds can also be picked in May and June, the first oranges can be gathered as early as November.

Regarding the fruit, it is rich in nutrients. The presence of vitamin C, which reaches remarkable levels, is specifically mentioned. But there are also substantial amounts of mineral salts like calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as fibre. An extremely potent antioxidant called pectin is found in oranges, particularly in their white sections.

The numerous varieties of orange

There are many varieties of orange. Below, I list the most important and appreciated ones.

  • Washington Navel. The peel has a bright orange colour, and the pulp is extremely juicy. The fruit ripens from December to May.
  • The peel is slightly dark, while the pulp is very light. It is sweet and ripe from November to December.
  • It is a large orange and is appreciated for its very juicy pulp. It is almost completely seedless.
  • It is a medium-juicy variety and equally sugary. Its main feature is the total absence of seeds, as well as the ability to be stored in the refrigerator for long periods of time.
  • This variety is characterised by the bright red colour of the pulp. It has a very balanced flavour and medium-juicy pulp. For these reasons, orange is considered the perfect table.
  • This type of orange is similar to the Tarocco variety. The only differences are a slightly more sugary flavour and a denser, less juicy pulp.
  • Apireno Vanilla. It is probably the sweetest and juiciest orange of all. It is very easy to peel and yields a lot, both for raw consumption and for the production of juices.

How do you enhance them in the kitchen?

Like other table fruits, oranges are best consumed uncooked. On the other hand, orange can be the star of many recipes when used as a garnish as well as the primary ingredient.

In this section, you will find many recipes that enhance orange. These are mainly confectionery products, although there is no shortage of savoury preparations that aim for a decidedly bittersweet scent.

They have incredibly good nutritional qualities; as you are all aware, they are among the rare sources of vitamin C. They are not, however, the best source entirely because other substances, like the rather unknown acerola, are richer in them. The remaining mineral salts, like calcium and potassium, are abundant in oranges. This component was not readily apparent because it is mostly found in meals that are derived from animals, such as milk. When it comes to potassium, we are discussing a substance that is essential to the body because it plays a role in blood circulation systems.

In addition, oranges are high in fibre, which aids in digestion and eases mild cases of constipation. In addition, there is a significant amount of water present; in fact, this is a really juicy fruit. Because of this and their near-100% fat content, oranges have few calories. They supply 45 kcal per 100 grammes on average. Antioxidants are also beneficial because, as we’ve shown, they have anti-tumour properties. Oranges contain antioxidants that specifically fight stomach tumours.

Why are oranges good for you?

Oranges bring many benefits to the body. The credit goes to the abundance of nutritional principles and, therefore, to an above-average nutritional power. Everything, or almost everything, revolves around vitamin C, which is very abundant in oranges. Vitamin C is good for the immune system, a well-known and truly valuable concept.

Besides all that, vitamin C is also responsible for faster absorption of iron, an important detail for those suffering from anaemia or similar pathologies. Furthermore, it acts as an antioxidant, so it helps prevent cancer. Finally, it stimulates the production of collagen, which promotes skin elasticity.

Because oranges are high in mineral salts, they make great tonics. Citric acid, which has a bactericidal and purifying effect, is significant in this regard. Due to their low calorie content, oranges are often advised during diets aimed at weight loss.


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