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Mimosa jello shots,a dessert drink

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Mimosa jello shots, a recipe for March 8th

The mimosa jelly shot recipe is unique because it transforms a beverage into a sweet treat. To be precise, in a single-portion jelly, so small that it can be consumed in one go. Ice moulds are used as moulds, which is a clever and uncomplicated idea that also allows you to recreate a well-known cocktail. By the way, the Mimosa cocktail is not called that because it contains the famous flower (mimosa), but because it takes on its color. Orange juice contributes to this by interacting with the sparkling wine and taking on brighter, lighter hues. For Women’s Day, I suggest making mimosa cocktail jelly precisely because of the colour. It is a means of honouring women’s rights and gender equality while utilising the anniversary’s emblematic colour.

On the other hand, despite the ethical and social importance of the holiday, it deserves to be enjoyed at the table, in the name of good taste and joy. Even more so, the recipe, despite being unique, is really simple. In fact, it involves preparing the jelly with orange juice and adding the sugar almost at the same time. The next phase consists of adding more orange juice, sparkling wine, and filling the moulds. These should be placed in the refrigerator so that they can stabilize. The moulds need to be submerged in hot water for a little while before serving. This is a simple method to remove the mould from the jelly without damaging it.

Recipe mimosa jello shots

Preparation mimosa jello shots

  • To prepare the mimosa jello shots, you will have to start with the jelly.
  • Soak 20 gr. of isinglass for 10 minutes.
  • Next, add 250 ml of well-filtered orange juice to a saucepan, add a tablespoon of sugar, and place on low heat.
  • At this point, incorporate the well-squeezed gelatine and wait for it to dissolve, stirring for as long as necessary. Then turn off the flame.
  • Add another 250 ml. of filtered orange juice, 500 ml. of sparkling wine, and a few drops of colouring.
  • Mix carefully, and pour the solution into the ice molds. Finally, place it in the fridge for at least 8 hours.
  • Before turning the jellies out of the mold, briefly immerse the mould in hot water. At this point, you can serve on a tray.

Ingredients mimosa jello shots

  • 500 ml. of orange juice
  • 500 ml of brut sparkling wine
  • 20 gr. of isinglass
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • drops of yellow food colouring.

The organoleptic properties of brut

Since sparkling wine is the main component of the cocktail, it plays a crucial part in the recipe for mimosa jello shots. Any kind of sparkling wine, including prosecco or a regular white wine, should work in principle. In actuality, though, brute wine alone ought to be used. In fact, this variety stands out for its minimal quantity of sugar and its strong flavour. In this way, it can effectively “resist” the interaction with orange juice, which risks covering everything with its slightly acidic scent.

Among other factors, the texture of the combination would be negatively impacted by the presence of large amounts of sugar. Although there is only a small amount of alcohol in the dessert, some people may object to its presence. It makes roughly thirty jellies out of half a litre, so each jellie is just 16 cl (a finger’s worth).

Gelatina di cocktail mimosa

The role of orange juice

A crucial component of the mimosa jello shots is orange juice. Thus, this also holds true for this recipe, which is based on the well-known beverage. More specifically, half a litre of juice is used. Fresh orange juice that has been carefully filtered is ideal; in fact, pulp bits of any size would complicate the mixture and prevent the creation of a homogenous mixture.

Utilising fresh juice also makes sense because it is more nutrient-dense. In fact, the removal of fibre alters every aspect of the fruit’s nutritional makeup. As a result, it has high levels of citric acid, mineral salts, and vitamin C, all of which are beneficial to the immune system. This substance is a panacea for the digestive system but also acts on the skin and pH, keeping it under control.

How to prepare isinglass?

The recipe for the mimosa jello shot is quite simple. The preparation of the isinglass is the only challenging task. It can be prepared in two different ways, which makes it compatible with doughs. The initial technique involves immersing it in a saucepan filled with heated water, followed by a period of soaking in cold water. The heat facilitates the gelatin’s dissolution and produces a slurry that is easily combined.

The second method also involves soaking, but this is followed by a brief passage in the microwave oven, which melts the isinglass in a few seconds. Either way, the soaked gelatine needs to be firmly squeezed. We chose a different method for this dish. The gelatine is steeped, pressed, and then submerged in orange juice rather than water. A complete fusion of the elements is ensured by this method.

5/5 (1 Review)
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