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Stuffed tie-shaped puff pastry, a snack for Father’s Day

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Stuffed tie-shaped puff pastry, a savoury and creative snack

The stuffed tie-shaped puff pastry is a savoury snack suitable for any occasion. However, I recommend it for Father’s Day. However, its shape is similar to a tie and works well for a themed party. Among other things, it is also very simple to make, so much so that even children can be involved in its creation (an outcome that will delight the birthday boy). In fact, it involves preparing an exquisite filling with cream cheese, scamorza, mortadella, and olives.

Next, arrange everything on the puff pastry, cut it out into the shape of a tie, and seal it shut with another piece of the same design. It is smeared with beaten egg and baked in the oven. The remaining puff pastry can also be used to embellish the surface, maybe mimicking a tie’s decorations. One of the standouts in this recipe is Exquisa’s Mulino Bertotti puff pastry, which is among the greatest puff pastries available in stores.

Recipe Stuffed tie-shaped puff pastry

Preparation Stuffed tie-shaped puff pastry

  • To prepare the Father’s Day tie, start by pouring the cream cheese, chopped olives, mortadella, and scamorza into a bowl.
  • Mix thoroughly, and add salt.
  • Roll out the puff pastry now, and cut it in half. Recreate the knot on both sides of the puff pastry with the use of a mould so that they can be sealed.
  • Thoroughly spread the filling onto the first tie, which will serve as a foundation. Next, place the second piece of puff pastry on top and seal the edges tightly (you can even use a fork to do this).
  • Finally, make shallow cuts on the surface and brush with a beaten egg. With the leftover puff pastry, create decorations to apply to the surface.
  • Bake in the oven (ventilated mode) at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.
  • Once cooked, allow it to cool before serving. Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

Ingredients Stuffed tie-shaped puff pastry

  • 1 roll of puff pastry (I recommend Exquisa)
  • 1 pack of Lactose-Free Exquisa Fresco Cremoso
  • 80 gr. of mortadella
  • 80 gr. of smoked cheese
  • 2 tablespoons Leccino olives
  • salt
  • 1 egg for brushing.

Stuffed tie-shaped puff pastry, a unique recipe for Father’s Day

The stuffed tie-shaped puff pastry, which is a unique recipe for Father’s Day, is produced with premium ingredients in accordance with production methods that highlight artisan tradition and excellence. Among other things, the food is totally devoid of lactose, colourants, preservatives, and hydrogenated fats—ingredients that might pose health risks to individuals with lactose intolerances. Despite the fact that the calorie intake is above normal, we only consume about 380 kcal per 100 grammes.

If you have any leftover puff pastry, you can store it in the refrigerator, covering it with a damp cloth so that it does not dry out. Alternatively, you can store it in the freezer, wrapping it in cling film. Puff pastry can be kept in the freezer for many months or in the fridge for only 3 or 4 days. If you are looking for other advice on the conservation and correct use of puff pastry, I recommend you take a look at this article published on

The cheeses used in preparing the stuffed tie-shaped puff pastry

This “tie” has a very rich filling. The ingredients complement each other perfectly, and every combination is perfect, among other reasons. These are often cheeses, more specifically cream cheese and scamorza. The first gives the filling a creamy texture, and the second helps to give it a distinct flavour. Some people have misconceptions about spinach, claiming that it causes weight gain and might even be dangerous. However, this is untrue. It has a high caloric content (330 kcal per 100 grammes), of course, but it is not that different from other cheeses in the same category. The remainder is a wholesome meal high in proteins and mineral salts, which make up 25% of its composition. Additionally, there are significant amounts of calcium and phosphorus, two elements essential to good health.

cravatta ripiena

Furthermore, scamorza is one of the most popular string cheeses in Italy, a symbol of a specific regional culture that has managed to conquer all palates. As for cream cheese, I recommend the Exquisa Fresco Cremoso Lactose-Free cheese. The primary feature—though it’s by no means the only one—is the lack of lactose, which allows this preparation to be consumed even by individuals who are intolerant to it. In actuality, it is distinguished by its mild and agreeable flavour as well as its consistent texture, which is ideal for strengthening fillings. Exquisa cheese emphasises in every tasting the use of the finest raw materials and the complete absence of everything that could compromise its authenticity, such as colourants, preservatives, and hydrogenated fats.

The characteristics of Leccino olives

Leccino olives are one of the special elements in this stuffed tie-shaped puff pastry. Though it is planted all over the country, this variety is primarily grown in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. In fact, it is regarded as the ideal green olive and can help restore the Xylella fastidiosa-affected southern regions. The fruit is quite large, and the pulp is dense with juice despite being extremely solid. It is therefore appropriate for use in many kinds of recipes as well as for the production of oil, which is notable for its fragrance and delicacy.

Moreover, the aromatic and sweet aftertaste of the Leccino olive makes for great combinations with cheeses and sausages. This makes the inclusion of Leccino olives in a filling consisting of scamorza, cream cheese, and mortadella more than acceptable. But the word of caution is not to exaggerate the doses. The flavour of Leccino olives, in fact, is delicate compared to other olives, so you need to pay close attention to the ingredients they accompany.

5/5 (1 Review)
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