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Mint chocolate fudge, Saint Patrick’s Day treats

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Mint chocolate fudge, delicious mint chocolates

The mint chocolate fudge is a mint chocolate that is easy to prepare and beautiful to look at. The covering, which is composed of white and mint chocolate, deserves most of the praise. This creates two genuinely delicious and evocative layers, one green and one dark. Because green is the emblem of St. Patrick’s Day, mint chocolate fudge can be made specifically for the occasion. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, an Irish celebration that has also taken hold in our area thanks to the joy and joviality it brings with it. Another factor contributing to its spread was the emergence of Irish pubs as gathering places. The recipe is actually rather easy; it just calls for the creation of two compounds:one based on dark chocolate and the other based on white chocolate and mint.

Then you need to heat and mix the mixtures in a thick-bottomed pan. The first layer is spread on paraffin paper (or waxed if you prefer), then left to cool and covered with the second layer. After a further resting phase, the cake is ready to be cut into squares. Dark chocolate is the recipe’s main ingredient and the world’s most beloved food. It’s also fairly nutrient-dense. Actually, it has a lot of antioxidants and a few mineral salts. Moreover, it increases the synthesis of dopamine, the hormone linked to happiness and wellbeing. The main drawback of dark chocolate is that it has more calories than milk chocolate. To reap its benefits without worrying about your weight, you should limit your consumption.

Recipe mint chocolate fudge

Preparation mint chocolate fudge

  • To prepare the mint chocolate fudge, pour the dark chocolate (125 g) into a saucepan with the condensed milk and vanilla, then turn on the flame (low heat).
  • When the mixture is well blended, spread it on a 15 x 20-centimetre baking tray covered with waxed paper, then leave to cool for 10 minutes.
  • Pour the other 125 gr. into another saucepan. of condensed milk and heat over low heat.
  • Then add the white chocolate, peppermint, and green food colouring.
  • When this mixture is ready, spread it over the previous one and leave it to cool for 2 hours.
  • Now take the now-solidified cake, lifting it from the paper. Finally, cut them into single-portion squares and serve your mint chocolates.

Ingredients mint chocolate fudge

  • 200 gr. of dark chocolate
  • 250 gr. of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 85 gr. Modicano white chocolate
  • half a spoonful of mint extract
  • green food colouring.

The properties of white chocolate

White chocolate also plays a decisive role in the mint chocolate fudge. On the other hand, it almost entirely makes up the second layer, which takes on a bright green colour. It is worth saying a few words about this food, also because it is often at the centre of misunderstandings. For instance, because it lacks cocoa, it is not regarded as genuine chocolate. This ingredient is actually entirely missing, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to do with chocolate. In actuality, cocoa butter—a byproduct of the same plant—replaces cocoa. The ingredients of white chocolate include sugar, milk, and flavourings.

Technically, white chocolate is poorer in mineral salts than chocolates that contain cocoa, but it has the advantage of being a little less caloric. Basically, white chocolate is off-limits for those intolerant of lactose. However, there are variants on the market made with vegetable milk and therefore without this substance. The white chocolate from Il Modicano is the greatest; it’s a tasty product with a delicate texture. Both vegans and individuals with lactose sensitivity can benefit from it, but those without special needs also find it enjoyable.

Chocolate mint fudge

What is condensed milk?

Since it’s used to create the two layers, condensed milk is one of the key components of the mint chocolate fudge. What is condensed milk exactly? It is milk that has had a significant amount of moisture removed from it, allowing for long-term preservation. When fresh milk isn’t available, it’s used as “emergency milk.” But because of its creaminess, it’s a staple in a lot of pastries and may even be used as a creamer for coffee. In actuality, it ensures that the chocolate mint fudge will taste just like regular milk and encourages quick blending with the other components.

Preparing condensed milk is simple; in fact, you just need to bring it to a temperature of 60 degrees and then thicken it under reduced pressure. Finally, the condensed milk is bottled and sterilized. Condensed milk can be prepared from skimmed or whole milk, although the latter will require a little more time to prepare.

How to prepare the mint topping?

The true uniqueness of the mint chocolate fudge is in the layering. The cover is distinguished by its green hue, which evokes images associated with St. Patrick’s Day and Irish emblems. The good news is that creating this kind of coverage is quite simple. To make it, you just need to cook half of the condensed milk over low heat and then mix in the white chocolate, mint, and green food colouring.

Mint boasts a much more intense flavour and is therefore capable of withstanding the presence of other “strong” ingredients. This is due to the higher presence of menthol, a substance responsible for the aroma. Menthol is also a good antioxidant; therefore, it is good for your health. To facilitate the preparation, and in particular the mixing, I recommend using half a spoonful of mint extract. As for the green food colouring, the recipe does not suggest a dosage. However, the advice is to add it based on the intensity of green you want.

5/5 (1 Review)
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