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Intolerance or sensitivity to gluten

How to regulate your diet if you’re sensitive to or intolerant to gluten

Both gluten sensitivity and intolerance are diseases or conditions that can seriously lower your quality of life and make controlling your diet very challenging.
It is wise to clarify things in this regard. Gluten sensitivity and intolerance are two distinct diseases, although they share some symptoms. Officially known as celiac disease, gluten intolerance is an unfavourable immunological response to the presence of gluten in the body. Clearly, it is a pathology. Contrarily, gluten sensitivity is a disorder rather than a pathology that manifests as a more moderate form of celiac disease (as well as other clinical diseases like irritable bowel syndrome).

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YOAST Key phrase: Gluten intolerance Title: Gluten sensitivity or intolerance: tips and recipes Description: Gluten sensitivity or intolerance: how do you manage your diet? Whether it’s celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, we need to change our diet.

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