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Pizza with onions, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese, an excellent white pizza

Tiziana Colombo: per voi, Nonnapaperina

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Ingredients for: 4 people
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Pizza with onions, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese, an intense mixture of flavours

I present to you pizza with onions, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese: a white pizza, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. This is the result of a perfect mixture of classic and innovative ingredients. The rich, somewhat bitter undertones of gorgonzola combine with the sweet, aromatic taste of red onions and the full-bodied undertones of walnuts.

As regards the dough, the recipe suggests a simple pizza dough, which you can make at home or buy at the supermarket in the form of a pre-cooked base. Obviously, if you suffer from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, use alternative flours. The solutions are numerous, from classic ones such as rice flour to more rustic and exotic ones such as buckwheat flour and teff flour.


Recipe pizza with onions

Preparation pizza with onions

To prepare pizza with onions, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese, proceed as follows:

  • Remove and finely chop the rosemary leaves, then sauté them in a skillet with two tablespoons of oil for a few minutes. Once it has cooled, turn off the heat and filter the oil.
  • Chop the walnut kernels finely. Slice the gorgonzola into tiny pieces after removing the peel.
  • In the meantime, slice the onions, peel them, and sauté them in butter over low heat. After adding the sugar and salt, simmer for 20 minutes. Until the onions are caramelised, stir often and add a little water if needed.
  • Roll out the dough after greasing the pan. Arrange the onions, walnuts, and gorgonzola on top of that.
  • After adding the rosemary oil for seasoning, bake at 220 degrees for 25 minutes in a preheated oven. Serve the pizza hot, and enjoy your meal!

Ingredients pizza with onions

  • 500 gr. of pizza dough
  • 300 gr. of Tropea red onions
  • 50 gr. of clarified butter
  • 200 gr. of gorgonzola cheese
  • 50 gr. of walnut kernels
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 sprig of rosemary
  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper

Why red onions?

The red onion from Tropea is one of the main players in this pizza with onions. This particular kind is so well-liked in Italy that, fifteen years ago, it was awarded the PGI brand. First and foremost, Tropea red onions are remarkable for their vibrant, reddish-purple colour and their delicate, sweet, and aromatic fragrance. This, together with its generally well-balanced “soul,” makes it suitable for raw consumption. Its title as the queen of summer salads—especially in Sicily and Calabria—is no accident.

As regards its nutritional properties, the red onion from Tropea is appreciated for its abundance of anthocyanins, which give it its characteristic colour and serve as antioxidants. They thereby lessen the risk of developing cancer, delay the ageing process, and eliminate free radicals.

Tropea red onions are also high in vitamin A, which is beneficial to the skin and eyes. It also has healthy amounts of magnesium, which promotes energy metabolism; phosphorus, which improves brain function; and potassium, which controls blood pressure. You don’t need to worry about consuming too many calories because 100 grammes of Tropea red onions contain roughly 30 kcal.

Let’s dispel some myths about Gorgonzola cheese

The gorgonzola cheese is one of the components of pizza with onions that stands out the most. Not everyone enjoys this particular kind of cheese, but it has a distinct flavour and is on par with the more well-known Parmigiano and Grana. The extensive marbling, which some find reminiscent of mould itself, is the explanation. Its greatest selling point is the marbling, which is also the basis of its unique flavour—a blend of bitterness and milkiness.

There are misconceptions about gorgonzola cheese, like the idea that it is excessively fattening. It actually contains 27% fat, which may seem like a lot but is still less than Parmesan. Otherwise, it contains the same nutrients as milk. For instance, it has a lot of calcium, which is healthy for bones, and vitamin D, which boosts immunity. Furthermore, people who are lactose intolerant can completely enjoy it because of the marbling. As regards the caloric intake, it is around 300 kcal per 100 grammes, more or less the same as fresh or slightly mature cheeses.

Pizza con cipolle, noci e gorgonzola

The characteristics of walnuts in pizza with onions

Let’s now discuss the walnuts, which give further flavour and a crunchy element to this pizza, together with onions and gorgonzola. It is precisely because of the walnuts that the pizza has a more nuanced flavour and a pleasing texture.

Although everyone enjoys walnuts, few people are aware of their health benefits. The availability of healthy fats, which protect the circulatory system by lowering bad cholesterol and, consequently, the beginning of acute and frequently fatal heart illnesses, is the main topic of discussion. The only downside is sustained caloric intake, which stands at 650 kcal per 100 grammes.

Walnuts are also rich in vitamin E, which has a beneficial function for the immune system and has good antioxidant action. As regards mineral salts, we find potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

FAQ sulla pizza con cipolle, noci e gorgonzola

When should onions be added?

In theory, the onions should be placed first, as they must represent the bottom of the pizza. Obviously, this only applies if it is a white pizza; otherwise, they should be placed after the tomato and mozzarella.

How do you prevent the onions from burning?

Just before charring starts to occur, stop cooking the onion to prevent burning. Add a little hot water when cooking if you want your onions to be well-cooked. In this instance, there is no issue because the onions have already caramelised.

Which onion is the easiest to digest?

It is no accident that the red onion of Tropea is the easiest to digest and tastes best when put in salads; it is the most versatile onion. It can still be cooked, or, as in this recipe, caramelised.

What can you put on pizza?

In actuality, your creativity is the only restriction when it comes to what you may add to the pizza. Naturally, I suggest that you use a well-rounded approach that is committed to good taste. That’s just how I made this onion pizza—three distinctly diverse toppings that complement each other so well.

Do we have any pizza recipes? Of course, yes!

5/5 (1 Review)
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